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10001 - C Southern Ave. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87123

(505) 250-5231

Our furniture is made from beautiful wood, great value, nice simple designs, and high quality.  We will build your furniture to match your requirements.   Remember that a satisfied customer is your best advertising and word of mouth is the best way to build our business.


About Us

About Nomad Furniture

Dave Cady, Owner

Dave Cady, Owner

All our products are made in our shop in New Mexico with North American grown Red Oak and Hard Maple.  We have dis-continued our line of Bamboo panels and beds.  Nomad Furniture is the designer and manufacturer of our hand-made beds.  All our beds are sold through retail and online stores.   Please contact us and we will give you a list of online web sites.

Nomad Furniture is owned by Dave Cady, and is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. We specialize in customized our bed frames  to meet your needs and we offer a few  bedroom accessories.  Dave is a Master Craftsman who designed all of these bed styles.  He has been making beds for the past 35 years.
We have been making and showing furniture at the best shows in New Mexico and around the country since 1982. Dave's woodworking can be seen in some of the nicest homes, fine places of business and one of my pieces was purchased by the Albuquerque museum. Dave has, over the years, developed an excellent reputation as a conscientious and reliable wood worker. We will continue to use this high standard of ethics in all of our dealings. 

We are proud of our Made in the USA furniture and we are a Vet friendly employer who wants to make a difference in our world.  Currently 2/3 of our work force is Vets and we are glad they work for us.  We strive to use all scrap wood and eliminate waste by cutting it up for firewood and furnishing unused wood for local craftsmen. 

About our Designs

At Nomad Furniture we use furniture designed with three different considerations in mind. 

Our first consideration is function - a bed must be comfortable, a table the right height. Since these dimensions can change for different people all of our products are made just for you.   Bed heights, widths, and lengths are available to fit your needs. 

Our second consideration is form - the piece must not only perform like a bed or table, it must be pleasing to the eye. Since tastes vary we offer four different woods, red oak, white maple and both dark and light bamboo. All woods are available either finished, unfinished, or, in the case of our red oak, with a dark finish. We never use exposed hardware. We want our furniture to look like a piece of furniture, not an erector set. 

The third consideration is strength - the piece must be constructed in a manner strong enough to withstand all the normal forces placed on it over time while not interfering with the previous considerations. Strength is also why we use the hardwoods we do.  These woods, Red Oak or Hard Maple are known for their strength as American Hardwoods. 

Put these considerations together and you have a piece of furniture that will be a lasting, functional and handsome addition to any home or setting.

About our Platform Beds

Single slat shown.   Extra slats available.

Single slat shown.   Extra slats available.

Nomad Furniture beds have a sturdy slat system to provide firm support when combined with a good mattress.  Our slat system removes the need for a box spring and thus lowers the bed to a comfortable height.
We offer many different bed styles and headboard heights to fit your particular need and your mattress thickness. All of our beds are easy to assemble and later, disassemble for moving.
Our beds are very sturdy when assembled. If you want more support, then consider our Premium side rails, footboards and headboards.  
It is easy to move the bed as a whole, just turn the bed on its side (with blanket under it), and move it through doorways to other rooms. You can rest on our assurance of a good nights sleep. 



All of our products come standard with a hand rubbed Danish oil finish - Watco brand. The Danish oil soaks into the wood, dries and creates a durable finish in the wood itself. Danish oil is not a surface finish like lacquer or polyurethane which, when damaged, is very difficult to repair. If there is a scratch or scuff in our product a little sandpaper followed by a bit of Danish oil is all that is needed to bring the wood back to its original appearance.  This seals the wood to keep stains from penetrating the wood.
You may choose to order your bed Unfinished or use a non-toxic Tried & True Natural Danish oil.   We also offer a Dark Walnut Stain on the Oak wood only.