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10001 - C Southern Ave. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87123

(505) 250-5231

Our furniture is made from beautiful wood, great value, nice simple designs, and high quality.  We will build your furniture to match your requirements.   Remember that a satisfied customer is your best advertising and word of mouth is the best way to build our business.


Our Process

About our Designs

Nomad Furniture's designed has three different considerations. 

Our first consideration is function - a bed must be comfortable, a table the right height. Since these dimensions can change for different people all of our products can be customized. Bed heights, widths, and lengths are available to fit your needs. 

Our second consideration is form - the piece must not only perform like a bed or table, it must be pleasing to the eye. Since tastes vary we offer four different woods, red oak, white maple and both dark and light bamboo. All woods are available either finished, unfinished, or, in the case of our red oak, with a dark finish. We never use exposed hardware. We want our furniture to look like a piece of furniture, not an erector set. 

The third consideration is strength - the piece must be constructed in a manner strong enough to withstand all the normal forces placed on it over time while not interfering with the previous considerations. Strength is also why we use the hardwoods we do. Oak, maple and bamboo are known for their strength, as well as their beauty. 

Putting these consideration together, you have a piece of furniture that will be a handsome addition to any home or setting.

About Platform Beds

Nomad Furniture beds have a sturdy slat system to provide firm support when combined with a good mattress. Our slat system removes the need for a box spring and thus lowers the bed to a comfortable height. We offer many different leg heights to fit your particular need and mattress thickness. All of our beds are easy to both assemble and, later, disassemble for moving. Our beds are very sturdy when assembled. 

Bamboo is environmentally friendly, and self-sustaining.

Bamboo is environmentally friendly, and self-sustaining.

About Bamboo

We at Nomad Furniture have been able to provide our customers with a line of platform beds made from Bamboo boards. This goal we started years ago has taken us to Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai. What an exciting trip it has been.


In case you hadn’t noticed the Bamboo look is pretty hot. My wonderful wife Ellen (in charge of checking out what’s new at the local and chain stores) reports many Bamboo lines showing up. From fabrics to flooring and cutting boards, Bamboo products are everywhere. Items can be found at Wal-Mart, Target, Costco and Ross stores just to name a few. Even our local cooking store has wonderful Bamboo salad bowls, beautiful Bamboo cutting boards and durable Bamboo cooking utensils. 

Our Bamboo boards come from Moso Bamboo that is grown and harvested in China. We have our Bamboo boards made just for us by a factory near Shanghai. Our factory also manufactures Bamboo flooring (very hot in Santa Fe, NM), and Bamboo blinds for stores like Ikea. 

Bamboo is an ecologically friendly choice. Since it is a grass Bamboo grows and matures much quicker than a tree does. The Bamboo we saw sprouting from the ground in China reached full height in about six weeks (about 90 feet).   In five more years the walls of the culms (the Bamboo stalks) will have thickened and hardened and will be ready for harvest. That means every year 15 to 20 percent of the forest can be harvested with no clear cutting. Compare that to a hardwood forest and you can see that bamboo is a much more productive plant. Unlike quick growing pine trees that take at least 25 years to grow large enough to harvest and are only usable for pulp or cheap framing lumber Bamboo has wonderful qualities. Bamboo is as hard as maple, which is one of the hardest of our North American woods. That means less dings and dents and a very durable product. Since the very straight culm is split and not sawn, there are no curls in the grain, which can be a source for a break to occur. It takes many split pieces of Bamboo to create a board for us to use. This is a very strong way to construct a board, however please be informed that, although rare, small cracks may be present in the boards and are considered normal. They will not be over 1/32” in width and will not affect the structural integrity of the boards. 

Our Bamboo boards have a beautiful, exotic look and are available in natural (very similar in color and shade to our white Maple) or caramelized (which is browner in color but similar in shade to our Red Oak). Our standard finish is a hand rubbed Danish oil finish. 

Finally our Finish

All of our products come with a hand rubbed Danish oil finish. The Danish oil soaks into the wood, dries and creates a durable finish in the wood itself. Danish oil is not a surface finish like lacquer or polyurethane which, when damaged, is very difficult to repair. If there is a scratch or scuff in our product a little sandpaper followed by a bit of Danish oil is all that is needed to bring the wood back to its original appearance.  This seals the wood to keep stains from penetrating the wood.