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10001 - C Southern Ave. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87123

(505) 250-5231

Our furniture is made from beautiful wood, great value, nice simple designs, and high quality.  We will build your furniture to match your requirements.   Remember that a satisfied customer is your best advertising and word of mouth is the best way to build our business.


Woodworker Evolution

Evolution of a Furniture Maker

The Nomad Tree

The Nomad Tree

My name is Dave Cady.  I started a small furniture shop in my one car garage in 1981 and called it Ramblin Wood. It didn’t take long to move up to a 1500 sq. ft shop and then to a 6000 sq. ft shop. Ramblin Wood produced a lot of furniture over the years, from chairs and tables to doors and desks. I found I even liked to build boats. I have built one stripper canoe, one stripper double ocean kayak and two single ocean kayaks, all in a state that doesn’t have much water. That’s what woodworking does to you. 

I sold Ramblin Wood in 2008. By that time I was making mainly customer customized bed frames, bookcases and tables. Since that time my wife and I have been raising sheep, cattle, chickens, alfalfa and fescue, and one horse, on our little place we call “The Lost and Found Ranch”. We have this place working pretty well now, the fences are mended and new ones built. My wife and I have landscaped, painted, built, plowed and planted, and watched a lot of beautiful sunsets in the Rio Grande river basin south of Albuquerque. 

I am feeling it is time to get back to what I love to do, making sawdust. I have built a new, upgraded shop to make furniture for the mobile living styles of this era. Our new business, Nomad Furniture, will be making a line of furniture designed to be easily put together and taken apart but solid and long lasting too. I will make furniture from only the hardest, most durable, wood available. The red oak and hard maple I use will all come from the best suppliers. There will be some improvements in our furniture line, along with upgraded hardware, and some new designs.   I want the furniture we produce to look good and last you for a long time. 

I look forward to doing business with many of my old retailers and they seem to look forward to doing business with me. That last part makes me feel pretty good.