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10001 - C Southern Ave. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87123

(505) 250-5231

Our furniture is made from beautiful wood, great value, nice simple designs, and high quality.  We will build your furniture to match your requirements.   Remember that a satisfied customer is your best advertising and word of mouth is the best way to build our business.

Nomad Furniture's Limited Warranty

Nomad Furniture Limited Warranty

We guarantee all of our products to be free of defects in materials or craftsmanship. During the first 60 days most problems will be evident.  Call your retailer or Nomad Furniture for return instructions and we will pay the freight.  After 60 days of normal use, simply return any part that is defective and we will repair or replace it at no cost for the parts to the original owner for 5 years.  Freight charges are not included in this warranty.

What is Nomad Furniture’s Limited Warranty?

We guarantee all of our products to be free of visual defects in materials or craftsmanship.  This does not include inside of bed frame or slats.  Wood color or grain is not a defect.   Any structural problems will be evident during the first 60 days.  Call your retailer for replacement parts and/or return instructions and we will pay the freight.

After 60 days of normal use simply return any part that is defective and we will repair or replace it at no cost to the original owner for 5 years.   Freight charges are not included in the warranty.   This warranty applies to the original owner under normal home use.
We will stand behind our products and we strive to have satisfied customers.   My wife and bookkeeper, Ellen will assist you with the invoicing and statements.


1.  Faulty and incorrect assembly is not covered under the warranty.   Read the instructions and follow the CAUTION Sheet.
2.  Frames purchased "Unfinished" and finished by customer will not be under warranty.


What is our furniture making process?

Our bed frames are made in the USA at our Nomad Furniture warehouse.  When you order one of our beds we start the process of making your bed.  Since each bed has different woods, different sizes, different head boards and foot boards and are made for different mattress thicknesses, each bed must be "made to order.” We use an danish oil finish unless you request "unfinished".   Keep in mind that, especially on maple, an oil finish is hard to detect.  Rest assured your maple is oiled.

                                                                             What you need to know when ordering our furniture?

Our furniture does not come assembled.  To save on shipping, and to give our customers the satisfaction to help with the making of their own bed, we send all of our beds completely knocked down.  All of our beds can be assembled in 15 to 30 minutes.  Care must be taken and the project cannot be rushed.  If you are unwilling to assemble your bed you might want to shop for a pre-assembled bed from another supplier.  We have received many letters, from young people to the elderly, telling us that they not only assembled their bed successfully but how much they loved the process and appreciated Nomad Furniture's quality workmanship.

What do you do when you receive your bed?

We take great care in packaging the bed parts carefully so that no damage will occur during shipping.  We have shipped many boxes and rarely have any problems.  It is in our, and your, best interest to make sure nothing will go wrong with our shipments.

As soon as Fedex or UPS delivers your order inspect the box for any unusual damage.   IMPORTANT:  If there is damage to the box, STOP, and take pictures before opening the box.  Now open the box and take a look at the parts.  Look for any damaged parts and take pictures before removing parts from the box.  Contact your retailer or Nomad Furniture as soon as possible for further instructions.

What  do you do if there are any damaged parts?

In the occasion when a part is damaged call us as soon as possible and email us the pictures of the damage.   If we agree the damage is our fault we will replace or repair the parts.  If the damage is the result of the shipper we will need to have evidence to make a claim.  
In no case should you return the bed without prior authorization.  If a bed is returned the buyer will be responsible for all shipping costs plus the cost of any parts damaged in shipping.   Repack bed parts carefully.

What tools do you need to assemble our beds?


  1. A #2 phillips head screwdriver or a battery operated screw gun with a #2 phillips bit.

  2. A hammer and a block of wood (from the box) to keep from denting the furniture, or a rubber mallet.  When using a black rubber mallet put a baggie over it to keep from getting black marks on the wood.

  3. A friend is a real plus on some of the beds.



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